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Hi Sherly ! 
    Just was thinking of you and wanted to thank you again! My nerve wreck self am so thankful that you were there and I had someone to help capture the beautiful first moments . Between my choice to bring my children nervous to leave them for the birth of their new brother, nervous of my first hospital setting birth, lost in being further into labor than I expected, my many unorganized crazy wishes, through it all you stayed my calm . When I made the choice to tell my husband to go out with the kids part of me was thinking what did I do?! Then I was also at the point where that was not on my focus of where my mind should be.. I needed to relax and have this baby who was ready to come out! Once he was born the second I knew he was out it hit me again, what did I do? My husband, pictures, he didn't get to see him, I won't have memories to share through a photograph! Anyone who knows me knows, pictures are a huge part of my life and photography is a huge passion filled hobby. Every time I've had family and my husband who could help capture moments.. Thankfully, you were there and when I asked last minute if you would mind taking pictures, you instantly took your phone from pocket and captured those beautiful first moments as soon as he was out as fast as I asked ! Having you there for me even though I have had two other children had been such a blessing, you were supportive to what I wanted 100% and continued to be through it all. I couldn't thank you enough and will be highly recommending you to any future Mama's I come across . - 💜 Sophia Gugliemelli 

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Sherly was absolutely incredible through the entirety of my labor experience! We did interviews for Doula's and she was the first one we met with and the only one that offered placenta encapsulation. I have to admit that I was immediately drawn to the mothering nature about her, and after interviewing several women, I ultimately decided that Sherly was a perfect fit for us! Little did we know the many events we had in store for our future! I went into prodromal labor 3 weeks before I actually delivered my little girl, and Sherly came to my home, stayed awake with me all night through the false labor, walked a couple of miles with me the next day to help progress, and rode with us to the midwife's office the next day only to find out the news that I had not gone into active labor. Over the coming weeks, she kept in touch, asking how baby and I were doing to make sure she wasn't missing anything. She has such a warm and calming presence and really felt she had our well being in mind. Sherly gave me so much information on helping with labor, such as acupressure, exercises, and positions and also gave me a lot of information on breastfeeding, breathing, placenta encapsulation and labor techniques. I felt completely prepared! When it came time that I was in active labor, she came down (I failed to mention she has been traveling from Clarksville to Murfreesboro!) and helped me breathe and stay as relaxed as possible. She provided me with the comfort and mindset that allowed me to labor at home until I was 8cm! (We didn't know until we got to the hospital!!! haha) The process of my labor was excruciatingly long (36 hours from Friday morning, until meeting our daughter Saturday night), and Sherly helped me through it all. Between verbal cues, massage, aromatherapy, and coaching, I was able to endure laboring un-medicated. She also gave me SO much emotional support when it came time to prepare for my unexpected C-section. She stayed with me until my daughter was brought to me over an hour after delivery, and helped me with breastfeeding until I felt comfortable and even my family members were telling me how incredible she was in the days after delivery. She then met with me, in my home, 3 days after giving birth, to deliver my placenta capsules. I can tell you that it helped me so tremendously! My bleeding stopped rather quickly, my mental health was much better than I imagined it would have been had I not been taking the capsules, and I noticed a difference in my overall well being. My hair, skin and nails were SO healthy and I had so much energy! (Amazing thing to have with a newborn!) She also presented me with two prints of my daughter's placenta, and her umbilical cord fashioned into a heart. I was so incredibly touched! I honestly don't know how I could have made that journey without Sherly, and will definitely be calling on her when I have more children and recommend her to everyone I know needing birth and labor support! Thank you so much Sherly for everything! Our family loves you!!   -Augusta Fleming  

 Sherly was an awesome doula. The day my husband and I met her we knew we liked her! We were meeting her to see if she could be our "back up" doula, actually, and she had brought up the placenta encapsulation. We had thought of it a few months before, looked it up a bit, and then it just fell into the back of our brains somewhere. So when she brought it up, we were super excited. We didn't know if anyone around here had done it, or knew what we were talking about. And I was due in just a few weeks, so we were running out of time to find someone! My OB looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked her about it. (go figure) But Sherly was actually there for my last hour of labor and for when my daughter was born. She helped me with breastfeeding and stayed around until I was comfortable and she got tired. She made sure the doctor knew to put the placenta in a bucket for her to take home. She took it home with her, encapsulated it, asked me when would be ok for her to bring it to me(awesome, I didn't have to make an extra trip just a few days after giving birth!!) :D When she came to the house to give it to me, she told me how many pills I had, and explained everything to me about the mother's tincture, and showed me the placenta print, and the umbilical cord(adorable!) Couldn't have asked for better care! She was wonderful! :)  -Shannon Lynch

Sherly is so sweet. I knew I wanted a doula and to get my placenta encapsulated, but I didn't think I could afford to until I talked with her. She's truly in this for the right reason, not out to make a buck. I don't know what I would have done without her. The first half of my labor went smoothly, then complications set in, that caused excruciating pain I couldn't think through, and my birth plan went out the window. Daddy was scared and overwhelmed, and I just needed someone there that I knew would keep an eye on everything for me. I was Very drugged by the time they got everything under control, and had trouble keeping up with what was going on, but knowing she was there, I was able to relax. After by son was born, she helped get started with breastfeeding, made sure the hospital staff knew what to do with the placenta, and made sure I was comfortable before heading home. She brought something to store the placenta in, took it with her, prepared it, and brought it to me when my son was a couple days old. Not having to go anywhere with a two day old was extremely helpful. She brought it, along with the placenta print, tincture, and cord, all nicely packaged in a gift bag, which I have no doubt is the only reason I didn't lose any of it. I was Very skeptical, but the placenta pills have been an absolute lifesaver. They actually gave me so much energy the first couple weeks, I had to take less than recomended, because I needed to stay pretty still to let stitches heal. Now, three months later, I use them sparingly, but anytime I start to feel down, or have a particularly long or stressful day, I take some, and they're the pick me up I need, especially since I don't comsume caffeine while nursing. I've seen Sherly several times at baby related events since giving birth, and it's still very apparent she truly cares about her clients, loves babies, and wants to help you have the birthing experience you're dreaming of. - Anna Meacham

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